If you are taking the plunge and having your hair coloured for the very first time or you are a seasoned convert and regularly have your locks highlighted or permanently coloured, you want to be confident that you are going to a salon where you will see a colour expert and a salon that is very particular about the hair products that they use when colouring your hair. It’s important that the product cares for your hair, is long lasting and the colour remains vibrant, without fading.

It Could Be More Expensive In The Long Run To Colour At Home

You may think that you can save yourself a lot of money by colouring your hair at home and that’s certainly true if you don’t make any mistakes and are happy to live with the limitations that colour from a box has and you are completely confident that you won’t do any permanent damage. In the latest article from Martinez Hair Salon in Heathfield in East Sussex, we look at the advantages of going to a salon and the reasons why it could be false economy to do it yourself at home and we also look at the sensational Affinage Salon Professional (A.S.P.) colour products that we use.

Reasons To Go To the Salon

  • Consultation with an experienced stylist
  • A colour expert
  • Endless possibilities
  • Range of colours
  • Multi-tonal colouring for multi-dimensional colour
  • Experts in handling bleach and colouring products
  • Salon insurance in the unlikely event something is spilled on your clothes

By visiting a salon, you will have the opportunity to talk through the possibilities with an experienced stylist and you can decide whether you want a permanent colour, or highlights or lowlights. You’ll also get advice on the best colour to suit your skin tone and what will suit your hair type and texture. Your stylist can help with the shade or group of shades and will be an expert at colour graduation and blending.

Reasons Not To Colour Your Hair At Home

The colour on the box may look absolutely fabulous, but you may find that the final colour is very different and you will be limited to one colour. You may be thinking of a colour to cover up the grey, which many people want to do, but colour from a box will leave you with a sharp and defined colour line within 2-3 weeks and you definitely want to avoid ending up with beige coloured hair, which many people experience doing it themselves. Bleach can also be a hazardous product to use and any damage will have to be paid for by you.

About A.S.P. Products

The company recognises the importance of ethical and sustainable product development as well as preservation of the environment and fully supports Sustainable Salons. The company has its roots in Australia and was launched almost 30 years ago, starting with a range of superior permanent colours. Since then, A.S.P. has expanded and become one of the fastest growing hair care manufacturers in the world. There is a fabulous range of products, which leave your hair looking shiny and healthy, feeling hydrated and they colour grey really well.

Benefits Of Using A.S.P. Colouring Products

  • Wide range of colours and colour products
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Anti-fade properties for lasting colour
  • Key components protect and smooth your hair
  • Add radiant and vibrant colour
  • Can be applied to all hair types including silky, curly, thick and thin
  • Formulated for elegant and sparkling hair
  • Safe for the hair and the scalp
  • Suitable for all age groups


If something does go wrong at home, you will have to visit the salon to get it put right and often colour correction is more expensive than normal colour. If you do any permanent damage, your hair will have to be cut or it will just have to grow out.

What To Do Next

Martinez Hair Salon located in the High Street in Heathfield has been in business for 25 years and has experienced hair stylists and colour experts to help you with your hair colour. Making an appointment couldn’t be easier, just call on 01435 863719 or fill out our Contact Form https://martinezhairsalon.co.uk/contact-us/ You can come in and have a consultation as to the colours that will be the most suitable for you and then it’s time for you to relax and unwind and wait while your transformation unfolds.