There are so many styles for short hair and at the moment short styles are in. We are well into autumn and although the temperatures may be on a downward spiral, hairstyles are quite definitely on the up. This year’s catwalks and red carpets are seeing many models, actors and celebrities showing off their short locks. In this article from Martinez, the hair salon located in the heart of East Sussex close to Uckfield and Heathfield, we look at what you should consider if you are thinking of going short.

There are numerous styles to think about including the pixie, which can be soft or edgy, the bob, with its sleek, sophisticated or shaggy connotations, or do you go for a layered shag style or a side swept crop. And if that were not enough, do you want to have a fringe and if so, should this be heavy or wispy and should your new cut be straight or curly?

A Short Style – What To Consider

Cutting your hair short can be petrifying, but it can also be liberating. You need to consider the following when making the decision to have your locks cut or a redesign of your current style.

  • Face shape
  • Hair texture
  • Maintenance

Face Shape

It’s important to know your face shape and whether you have a round, oval, square, long or heart-shaped face, as some styles will really flatter your face and others may not look so great. If you have a round or oval face, you will find that lots of styles will suit you, but beware of a pixie cut, and if you have a square or more angular face, a softer look will be more flattering.

Hair Texture

Hair texture plays an important role and you do need to know if your hair is fine, straight, coarse, wavy, frizzy or curly. With fine straight hair, a short-layered style can help to make your hair look thicker by giving it body and if you do have thick hair or wavy hair, you will really suit a bob.


As a general rule, short hair does seem to be higher maintenance, as you will need to have it cut more frequently. To maintain the style, you will need to visit your hairdresser regularly, probably every 6 -7 weeks. Styling products will also have to be used to keep the style in check.


If you are considering a short hairstyle, it’s a great idea to go through the magazines and pick out the ones that you really like. You can then go to your hair salon and work with your stylist to decide if a certain look will work for you.

What To Do Next

We hope the tips contained in our article will help you decide on whether short hair is a good option for you. If you are not sure the styles that will best suit your face shape and hair texture, call the experts at Martinez Hair Salon located in Blackboys near to Uckfield and Heathfield in East Sussex on 01825 891008 to book your appointment. You could soon have the bob, the lob or the pixie cut that you have always dreamed of.