Are you looking for a head-turning hairstyle for a special party around Christmas time? The lead-up to Christmas is a time when you always seem to have lots of parties, Christmas lunches, balls, family gatherings and lots of other events going on. Part of looking good is getting your hair to look absolutely fabulous and many of us feel that it is well worth pulling out all the stops to get the right look.

It’s been said that it actually doesn’t matter what you wear as long as your hair looks great! Whether that’s true or not, it’s fair to say that your hair will make a statement and can make or break any outfit that you are wearing. So why not spoil yourself this Christmas and get your hair cut, coloured and restyled?

Styles For All Hair Lengths
Are you looking for elegant, sophisticated, contemporary, glamorous, subtle, feminine or sultry?
It doesn’t matter what length your hair is, as the options are endless, so let your imagination or your hairdressers run wild. Think about upstyles, plaited and braided styles, retro looks and professional blow dries that will add bounce and volume.

Add Volume and Accessories
Short hair can look ‘oh so glamorous’ by adding volume and height or you could slick it back or add curls. Accessorise with slides and pretty jewelled pieces, bows, ribbons and hairbands and don’t forget those diva earrings!

Buns, Waves and Hair Extensions
Mid length hair will need a great cut and will look amazing with more volume and texture. You could also put your hair up, so think about simple ballerina buns, which can be worn on the side or the back of your head. A messy, loose style that is attractively pinned up will add glamour to any outfit and rampant waves and curls will be lovely for a less formal gathering. Other options include putting in hair extensions and structured waves will look sensational at a dinner party or more formal event.

Upstyles, Braids and Plaits
With long hair, you could go for a long straight look or add bounce with voluminous soft curls. If you go for a braided style, it will look fabulous all evening! Plaited styles will dress up any outfit and can look edgy and cool.
Upstyles will look amazing for that special party and to soften the look, you could go for floaty tendrils around the face.

What To Do Next
Whatever style you go for, you will need a great cut. All of the hairdressers at Martinez Hair Salon located in Blackboys near to Uckfield, Heathfield and Lewes are experienced stylists and they will make you feel really comfortable discussing the look that you are after, whether it’s giving your hair more volume and texture, putting in waves or designing an upstyle for that special occasion. We will discover the party hairstyle which will compliment your face, work with your hair type and naturally be perfect for any occasion, irrespective of whether it’s a short chic bob or long curled tresses.

The run up to Christmas is a really busy time at the salon, so give us a call today on 01825 891008 to make your appointment.