We find it really natural to protect our skin against the elements, particularly if we are exposed to high temperatures and long days out in the sun. However, few of us protect our hair, which just like our skin can become quickly damaged when exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. This means by the end of the summer, our hair may have become dry, brittle, frizzy, brassy, faded and dull. It totally lacks moisture because we have done nothing to compensate for the effects of sun, sea, sand and chlorine.

Did you know that your hair is unable to repair itself?

It therefore needs some TLC and the good news is that there is lots of help available. Martinez Hair Salon located in Blackboys near to Uckfield and Heathfield in East Sussex is bringing you our 5 top tips for getting your hair back into fabulous condition.

• Have regular haircuts and trims
• Avoid shampoos containing sulfate and parabens
• Wash hair after swimming to remove chlorine and salt
• Use restorative shampoos, conditioners and styling products
• Treat yourself to salon hair glosses, conditioning treatments and masks

Regular Haircuts

Did you know that your hair grows 10 to 15% faster in the summer months? This means that by the time autumn arrives, your hair will need a good trim. Getting rid of split ends is key to promoting shiny hair and a good trim can really revive damaged hair. Delaying having your hair cut will only mean the split ends will creep upwards. Don’t worry that you will have to have a really short style, as a good hairdresser will be able to leave you some length by perhaps adding layers and can advise you how to treat the damaged hair. Just trimming an inch or so will allow shape back to your hair.

Sulfate - Free Shampoos

Sulfate can strip the hair of its natural oils and using shampoos that are without this ingredient will minimise frizz. You don’t want to be using products that will strip the hair, as the hair’s natural oils need to be protected with hydrating products and those that are rich in nutrients.

Wash and Condition Your Hair

Make sure you thoroughly wash and condition your hair after swimming in the sea or the swimming pool to remove damaging salt and chlorine. After this, rinse with cold water, as this will seal the hair cuticles, which will help your hair to benefit from the moisture that it has gained from conditioning.

Shampoos, Conditioners and Styling Products

After your trim, use gentle products to bring your hair back to life. Your hairdresser will be able to help you on the best restorative products for your hair and then it’s up to you to make sure you develop the habit of using the products regularly. Sun-damaged hair is in desperate need of hydration and products with nourishing oils such as coconut and jojoba should really hit the spot.

Salon Treatments

For colour treated hair, which is damaged and perhaps brassy, why not try a hair gloss treatment, which will replenish shine, seal damaged ends and bring back the smoothness. Other treatments include masks, which are rich in nutrients and many contain protective oils and extracts to replenish hair that is dry and frizzy.

Your hair may be damaged, but it is never too late to start the healing process.

What To Do Next

Martinez Hair Salon located in Blackboys near to Uckfield and Heathfield in East Sussex has experienced hairdressers and colour technicians to offer you the best advice possible on how to treat sun-damaged hair. It may be that you just need a professional trim and style or a relaxing conditioning treatment or massage to bring your hair back to life. Throughout February, we are offering a complimentary conditioning mask to take home with you when you book a conditioning treatment with a massage. Call the salon on 01825 891008 to book your appointment and start getting the shine back into your hair.