The evenings are drawing in, temperatures are dropping and autumn is here. However, as we reflect on the fabulous summer we have had, it’s time to get our hair back into shape and also face up to the challenges that the upcoming misty and foggy mornings, cooler temperatures and damper times will bring. The sun’s UV rays, pool and sea water, sand, sun tan cream and chlorine will have taken their toll on our hair and it’s essential that we now get back on track. In this article, Martinez Hair Salon located in East Sussex gives you some great tips to get the shine, bounce and pizazz back into your hair and give your hair a fresh start for autumn and we also look at how you can stop further seasonal damage.

Sand, Salt And Chlorine

The sun makes most of us feel better and there are lots of positives including the vitamin D that we get from sunlight exposure. However, the sun’s rays can be extremely harmful to our hair as can the chlorine of the swimming pool and the sand and salt of the sea. Also, over the summer months, we often use more styling products than we normally would as we look to create our favourite summer styles and go out more often, which can easily lead to a build up of products in our hair.

Hair Care Tips

  • Use rich conditioning treatments
  • Try a clarifying shampoo
  • For a dry, itchy scalp, use a dandruff shampoo
  • For styling, use a mousse, hair oil or wax
  • Add a hair mask to get the moisture back into your hair
  • Use an oil or butter to seal in the moisture
  • Have a trim at the hairdressers to get rid of split and brittle ends

Clarify To Remove Product Build Up

A clarifying shampoo will help to clear the build up at your roots of sun products, sea salt and chlorine, as well as products that you have used in your hair. It will deeply clean your scalp in a gentle way and you could say it’s a detox session for your roots. Use this type of shampoo every 1 to 2 weeks to get cleaner and healthier looking hair.

Conditioning Treatments To Put The Moisture Back

It’s essential to get the moisture back into your head so apply a rich conditioning treatment with oil extracts as this will not only smooth damaged hair cuticles but will also prevent further damage. A conditioning treatment will restore the hair’s natural moisture and bring the shine back.

Eradicate The Frizz

It’s the damp, foggy and wet days that put the frizz into your hair and so you really do need styling products formulated for your hair type and its requirements. To get technical, it’s the changes in humidity that cause your hair to expand and frizz and good quality styling products will smooth the hair shaft and calm your hair down.

What To Do Next

We hope these tips will help you get your hair back on track giving you a fresh start for autumn. If you are not sure which products you should be using, just ask your hairdresser. Martinez Hair Salon located in Blackboys near to Uckfield and Heathfield in East Sussex has experienced hairdressers to help you get your hair into shape after the summer excesses. You may need a trim and style or a conditioning treatment to invigorate your hair. Call the salon on 01825 891008 to book your appointment and start getting the shine back into your hair and take that frizz out.